Captains Welcome Letter


On behalf of myself and the executive board, welcome to the USS

Balthasar. We were officially commissioned as a new chapter of

STARFLEET International April 25, 2017, after going through the shakedown process,  beginning July 12, 2016.


Our ship is based on the NX-Refit Enterprise designed by Doug

Drexler and proposed for the show as a way to bridge Enterprise

and The Original Series. We are modeled after the Enterprise

television series with Captain Archer. We encourage members to

acquire uniforms from this era, although any Star Trek uniform is

great, and not required.


As a group we are committed to having fun. We meet monthly,

and after our business meeting, we watch one of the many episodes of Star Trek from any of the series. We are also committed to supporting Youth in the Arts, and, as a 501 (c) (3) charity,  we fundraise to support this goal. As our motto reads, “Talem Futurum Per Artem,” which means empowering future generations through art.


We also have game nights among ourselves, and with other chapters and clubs.


As a chapter of STARFLEET, we encourage you to become

members there as well, and to take advantage of the courses

available from the STARFLEET Academy.


Once again, welcome to the USS Balthasar! I hope your time

with us is fun and exciting!


Bob Van Tuinen, Captain

CO, USS Balthasar

Talem Futurem Per Artem